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Profinet Measuring Point PNMA II

Nonreactive Access for Telegram Recording in the PROFINET / Ethernet-based networks

den 3 augusti 2024

The PROFINET measuring point PNMA II provides nonreactive access for telegram recording in the PROFINET and other Ethernet-based networks (e.g. Industrial Ethernet) during running production.

  • Monitoring of all protocols and support all packet sizes
  • If connecting a PROFINET-INspektor® NT via a PNMA II, only two additional patch cables are needed (no crossover cable required)
  • In case of a power supply failure the PROFINET communication via the PNMA II remains intact
  • Power supply of additional analytic tools via the UOUT (24VDC) connector
  • Analysis tools (e.g. PN-INspektor® NT or laptop) can be connected nonreactive to the two monitor jacks to monitor both communication directions simultaneously
  • For evaluation of the measurement results the telegrams from both communication directions can be overlaid
  • The PNMA II / PNMX does not discard error telegrams - it rather forwards them
  • For evaluation of the measurement results, the telegrams from both communication directions can be overlaid
  • For use in harsh environments or outside the control cabinet, the IP67-certified PNMX variant is available
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